Worldpay Group plc, originally known as RBS WorldPay, was a major payment processing company acquired by Vantiv in 2018, becoming Worldpay, Inc. Founded in 1989, Worldpay started as an online multi-currency payment system in 1997 and expanded significantly under Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) ownership.
Worldpay was sold as part of the European Commission’s clearance of state aid to RBS in 2009, leading to its acquisition by Advent International and Bain Capital in 2010. Following its initial public offering in 2015, Worldpay was acquired by Vantiv in 2018 for $10.4 billion and later by FIS in 2019 for $43 billion. In 2023, FIS announced plans to spin off its merchant business, including Worldpay, facing pressure from activist investors.
Worldpay has made several acquisitions, including Cardsave and SecureNet Payment Systems, and launched products like Worldpay Zinc to expand its services.
The company provided payment services to a diverse customer base, from multinational retailers to small businesses, and developed its own IT platform for enhanced transaction processing.Worldpay recently became an independent company.

  • Worldpay and FIS will continue to be strategic go-to-market partners through long-term commercial arrangements.
  • Worldpay powers businesses of all sizes to make, take, and manage payments globally, including online, in-store, and mobile transactions.
  • Worldpay offers payment solutions tailored for platforms, small to midsize businesses, and enterprise/global businesses.
  • In 2022, Worldpay processed transactions in 146 countries, amounting to $2.2 trillion, and supported over 1 million merchants worldwide.
  • Worldpay supports transactions in 135 currencies.
  • Worldpay’s headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.
  • Worldpay emphasizes a seamless payment experience from start to finish and works with vertical experts to optimize payment strategies for different industries.